Meanwhile, Pedal-Making Gets Slightly Easier

We are building a run of 40 pedals, with some already shipped.  Our previous run was 10, then 5, then 2, then 1 35 times.  It's been a long hard road to get from there to here, but together, we've finally made it.  We have a process that can make 15 pedals at a time!  We'll have plenty of inventory for a little while.  Hopefully we'll run out while making the next run of 50.  After that, it's 500 or bust!  1,000 if we get the expected orders.  We want to be ready for the Winter holidays! 

Anyway, just a snapshot of our R&D here, right now, we are focused on the processes around manufacturing the pedal parts more efficiently and in larger batches.  There are over 20 rubber and plastic doohickies alone in every Effigy Control Pedal.  We have been constantly learning to produce production-quality parts in ever-greater numbers, in less time, and with less waste.

With the same setup, 20 things can be poured with almost the same effort as one thing.  You still have to go through the process of setup, measuring and dispensing and mixing rubbber parts.  Waiting for one part to cure takes exactly as long as waiting for 20 of those same parts to cure.  We may actually be getting better at this. 

Thanks to everyone for their support!  More to come-

Jody Roberts