Startup Life

A  recent infographic by James Altucher suggests "planting seeds" every day.   Blogging.  Reaching out.  SoMe.  Doing those little "Congrats on your work anniversary!" things on LinkedIn.  Confession:  I actually kind of like those.  Professional poking, whatever you want to call it, it's a ping and a pong, a heartbeat, a handshake, a haven't-forgot-you.  We just launched our web site, and I had been blogging on LinkedIn for some time.  But now, we have Effigy Labs, our own web site, and our very own place to blog.  We're very excited to be here.

When you're building a community, and in practice, this means a lot.  I want people to know we're reaching out, "planting seeds", and by so inviting them to interact with us.  During the times when you're working heads-down, solving problems, building, a few days away from a milestone, you can always plant seeds.

We made some good molds today, cool!