Getting Started

Hi everyone and welcome to The Effigy, my personal blog to document and share the journey of Effigy Labs from our humble beginnings to fulfilling our mission to bring the world a new way to play.  We've just opened for business with our first product, the Effigy Control Pedal.  It's a programmable MIDI controller with a monster engine inside and a baby-soft touch outside.  This is about as much selling as I'm going to do here.

In this blog I will be sharing perspectives from R&D, product management, business, manufacturing, and more.  I want to bring the open source culture to our community and foster innovation and growth.  I want to be interactive with the community - that's you - so please feel free to discuss and share content here.

Effigy's Customer Support and Community site is here.  You can find more discussions, downloads, software, manuals, and more.   Please join us, and thanks to everyone who has waited for so long and still playing!  The time has come!