Some early attempts didn't turn out so well. Yes, those are pencils.

Some early attempts didn't turn out so well. Yes, those are pencils.

We started putting things together...

We started putting things together...

Lots of this...

Lots of this...

Then one day, this happened.

Then one day, this happened.

A new batch of Effigy Control Pedals, produced November 2018.

A new batch of Effigy Control Pedals, produced November 2018.

award_pedal1.jpg Best Controller winner, NAMM 2019

The Effigy Control Pedal received it’s first award at NAMM 2019, a Best in Show award by

Our story

The idea for the award-winning Effigy Control Pedal came long before there was a company called Effigy Labs or a pedal existed. 

Our two co-founders, Face and Jody, were both musicians - Face, a world-class jazz player, who's played with Tommy Dorsey's band, Buddy Rich, and Frank Sinatra to name a few.  Jody, a guitarist and vocalist in a local band, with a long history of engineering and business success.

A conversation led to the crossroads of playing music with an instrument, pedals, and ergonomics, and they realized there was a missing space where these could come together to help people play.

The concept developed of a responsive feedback mechanism that could fit in a low profile.  A few possibilities were discussed, and they started building prototypes.  At first it was trying to get the sensors working at all.  Trying to find the right materials.  Trying to make the thing stay put by itself.

But over the years, the problems were solved, one by one, until we have arrived at a number of sweet spots that is our first product.  Our first pedal represents the results of about seven years of research and development.

Since 2011, we developed about 35 prototypes that worked in some fashion.

In 2012, we found some formulas that worked for the sensor.  We were encouraged to keep going!

In 2013, we transitioned from Arduino controller to our own PCB, modeled after Arduino architecture.

In 2013, applied for a patent for our sensor technology as well as the early devices that we planned to build around it. 

In 2014, the architecture of the tension stack was designed (top plate, bump, tongue, tension adjuster, and modulation washer).

In 2015, we were granted U.S. Patent#9,006,554, "Human Interface Device with Optical Tube Assembly".

In 2016, we made our electronics hardware MIDI-compliant and compatible and arrived at many elements of current design and style.

In 2017 we completed our Design For Manufacturing (DFM) compliance and produced a tooling setup for our current product, established a manufacturing capacity, and became an official company.

In 2018 we completed our first pilot run of manufacturing and rigorously tested the first devices, developed the first control panel / preset generator, and opened for business April 12, 2018.

In November 2018, we completed our first manufacturing run of 40 pedals. We have made our first sales, and now we’re growing.

In January 2019, we went to NAMM. Effigy Labs made it’s worldwide debut at the National Association of Music Manufacturers trade show in Anaheim, California. We met a lot of people. A lot of those people played our pedal. A lot of people liked it and started buying the pedal.

At NAMM, the pedal won an award!’s Best In Show awards in the “Best Controller” category. Nick Batt presented the award personally at the Effigy booth.

award pic of booth and team.jpg

The Effigy Labs Team shortly after the award presentation. Nick Batt of presented the award personally at the Effigy Labs booth. L-R: Laurie Roberts, Face, Rob Menzel, Mike Davidson.

In February 2019, the pedal won it’s second NAMM award, this time an Editor’s Choice award from Music, Inc. Magazine. Mr. Billy Heschl of Music, Inc. and Upbeat Daily presented the recognition to Effigy. The announcement appears in the April 2019 edition of Music, Inc.


Music, Inc. Magazine’s Editor’s Choice, NAMM 2019

Also in 2019, we signed up our first resellers to retail our pedal in a real brick-and-mortar store. We are honored to partner with Outland Audio, in Burbank, CA, as well as B&H Photo&Video, based in New York.

Also in 2019, the first Television news segment aired about Effigy. NewsWatch, an AMC Network show, made a 1-minute segment about the pedal, airing on NewsWatch March 25 at 7am ET. Check out our press/media page to see the segment.

2019 holds many more accomplishments for Effigy Labs. We’re doing our best to get the word out. Please join us. It’s a new way to play!