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TITLE - Effigy Labs Announces Conclusion of Incubation Period for First Product

PLANO, TX, 15 May 2019

Effigy Labs LLC concludes its startup incubation period to develop its first product, the Effigy Labs Control Pedal. The company begins a new phase of operation and expansion.

Effigy’s cofounders, Jody Roberts, and David “Face” Longenbaugh, began a period of intense R&D in 2015, to complete the design for the Effigy Control Pedal, the company’s flagship product. Following issuance of the company’s first patent (U.S. 9,006,554 “Human Interface Device with Optical Tube Assembly”), the two began work to bring a minimum viable product to market.

During this time, the product design changed constantly. Wearing the “product management hat”, hundreds of infeasible and irrelevant features were debated and rejected, allowing the company’s precious resources to be maximized toward developing the right product.

“We had a lot of steel cage matches”, said Roberts. “But I think we came up with a good starting design.” The product’s current design, including the stainless steel body, the innovative high-performance foot, the exact firmness of the sensors, and proper MIDI interface and communication, all occurred during the incubation period.

The company begins a new chapter of business, launching a new marketing campaign targeting SMB retailers in the music industry, seeking funding for working capital and inventory, designing its second product, and seeking implementors of its patented sensor technology outside the music industry.

“Our sensors could revolutionize the way humans interact with technology. Any kind of precision machine control is a potential market.” said Roberts. “We’re targeting exciting markets with real needs, including aerially driven vehicles, surgical and dental robot control, gaming consoles, and large vehicle and harsh environment controls - ships, trains, heavy earth movers, and more - you name it, our sensors feel good to use.”


Effigy Labs is revolutionizing the way humans physically interact with technology.  Effigy’s vision is to own the precision machine control interface market.  Patented sensors provide unmatched expressiveness, playability and responsiveness as implemented in the company's flagship product, the Effigy Control Pedal.  Effigy Labs LLC develops and markets solutions focused on intelligent human interface devices, pro audio gear, IoT, and consumer electronics.

Effigy Labs and flagship product, the Effigy Control Pedal, debuted at The NAMM Show 2019.    The innovative and highly expressive MIDI controller pedal garnered recognition from many music industry individuals and organizations, including two prominent awards, a Best In Show for Best Controller, and a Music, Inc.'s Editors Choice in the Controllers category.


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