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TITLE - Effigy Labs publishes Control Pedal Application Programming Interface (API)

PLANO, TX, 26 Apr 2019

Effigy Labs LLC published documentation for the API for the Effigy Control Pedal.

"We want to give our customer and developer communities the opportunity to do new things with the pedal.”  said Jody Roberts, Effigy owner and maker of the Effigy Control Pedal. “People are going to think of many ways to use the pedal. The API will help our communities implement new ideas.”

The Effigy Control Pedal already implements the API. The API is already used by the Effigy Control Panel. Today, the documentation for the API is now available on Effigy’s web site at The API documentation explaining the data structures and more details about how to use the API can be downloaded at

The API is implemented as a Java Interface named “pedalApi” as part of the Effigy Control Panel documentation. The documentation is published in Javadoc format and is fully linked.


Effigy Labs is revolutionizing the way humans physically interact with technology.  Effigy’s vision is to own the precision machine control interface market.  Patented sensors provide unmatched expressiveness, playability and responsiveness as implemented in the company's flagship product, the Effigy Control Pedal.  Effigy Labs LLC develops and markets solutions focused on intelligent human interface devices, pro audio gear, IoT, and consumer electronics.

Effigy Labs and flagship product, the Effigy Control Pedal, debuted at The NAMM Show 2019.    The innovative and highly expressive MIDI controller pedal garnered recognition from many music industry individuals and organizations, including two prominent awards, a Best In Show for Best Controller, and a Music, Inc.'s Editors Choice in the Controllers category.


For more information, please visit Effigy's web site