CONTACT - Jody Roberts - (214) 732-4895

TITLE - Effigy Labs announces price change for Effigy Labs Control Pedal

PLANO, TX, 16 April 2019

Effigy Labs changed the MSRP of the Effigy Labs Control Pedal from $299 to $349. Jody Roberts, Effigy co-founder, said “The change reflects updates to economic conditions, consumer demand, and aligns better with our recent reseller agreements.” The change was announced April 1 of this year. Effigy’s award-winning control pedal received award recognition at NAMM 2019 by and Music, Inc. Effigy recently signed with resellers Outland Audio, of Burbank, CA, and B&H Pro Audio and Video, based in New York.


Effigy Labs is revolutionizing the way humans physically interact with technology.  Effigy’s vision is to own the precision machine control interface market.  Patented sensors provide unmatched expressiveness, playability and responsiveness as implemented in the company's flagship product, the Effigy Control Pedal.  Effigy Labs LLC develops and markets solutions focused on intelligent human interface devices, pro audio gear, IoT, and consumer electronics.


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