Effigy Control Pedal

Effigy Control Pedal


Included: 1 USB cable, 1 AC adapter, 1 Quick Start guide

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What is the Effigy Labs Control Pedal?

The Effigy Labs Control Pedal is a new way to play. and control your sound.  A MIDI foot controller that responds with the sensitivity of a musical instrument.   An awe-inspiringly sensitive and and responsive human interface that literally feels what and how you want to play!  You can think your effects!

- Out of the box pitch-bend and MOD wheel replacement for keyboardists
- USB B and DIN-5 MIDI output
- Three-position patented controller sensors
- Effigy Extreme Control controller knob
- Power from USB, internal 9v battery, or external 7-16vdc power
- open-source software
- API programmable via SYSEX MIDI commands over USB
- each position controls three independent actions
- independent action controls for MIDI channel, command codes, ranges, curve, and min/max cutoff
- easy-to-use software to build, upload/download presets and modes

Effigy Labs Control Pedal Technical Information

     5.5" wide
     8" long
     3" height (at top of knob)

Control Surface:  three sensor position, Left, Right, and Center

Control Capabilities:  Center position can be activated simultaneously with the Left or Right position.

     -  Three patented Effigy Human Interface Device Sensors under a common control surface
     -  One Effigy Extreme Control knob, playable with the foot
     -  One Mode Switch, a momentary on-off stomp button

     -  USB MIDI Type B
     -  USB debug/COM
     -  MIDI DIN-5

Power:  Unit can be powered by any of the following:
     - external power jack: 2.1mm tip+ 7-16vDC
     - 9V battery
     - USB power

Range of Control Surface Motion: 1-2cm

Number of Input Graduations: up to about 900 depending on sensitivity setting

Number of Output values: 
     - Pitch Bend Down: 8192
     - Pitch Bend Up: 8192
     - Everything else: 128 (0-127)

MIDI Control Configuration:
     On-board Presets stored on board: 5 (1 bank = 5 presets)
     Each Preset = 3 Modes, switchable in real time
     Each Mode controls the three positions and the knob
     Each position (and knob) can control three simultaneous MIDI outputs (Slots)
     A "Slot" is the information needed to produce MIDI output from sensor (or knob movement) input:

Each Slot contains/controls:
     MIDI Command (Pitch Bend, Control Code, NoteOn, etc.)
     MIDI Channel (1-16)
     MIDI SubCommand (MOD, Sustain, Expression, Volume, Pitch Direction, etc.)
     MIDI Curve Type and Direction
     MIDI Min/Max limiting %
     MIDI Latching control   

Knob Modes:
     0-1 sec:  switch modes 1-3 real-time
      2-4 sec:  Flip knob between sensitivity control and position 4
      5-7 sec:   Select Preset (in combination with knob position)
     9-11 sec:  Select MIDI channel override (in combination with knob position

Sensitivity Control Knob:
     In sensitivity mode, knob controls the amount of compression of the input to output:  Low sensitivity (knob to the left) allows the maximum range of control to pressure.  High sensitivity (knob to the right) requires less pressure to achieve maximum output.  At the far right position, the input range is reduced to 1 and  causes the output to become an on-off latch.

In position mode, the knob acts as a fourth sensor, with zero at the left and maximum to the right.  Maximum is whatever the effect requires, for example 127 for Control Codes or 16383 for Pitch Up.

API:  control all pedal functions, configuration, and data via MIDI SYSEX commands
     Upload, download and change presets and slots
     Control configuration of sensitivity, LED brightness, knob mode, boot mode
     Recalibrate, reload live preset, system reset