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Control Panel

Control Panel for Mac and Windows (zip) - The control panel is packaged as a compressed (zip) file. It will work on both Mac and Windows computers. Click HERE to download the control panel.

Latest Control Panel build: 07 March 2019

Decompress the downloaded file before running the jar file inside. Click on the “EffigyControlPanel.jar” file to run the app.

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) - The control panel is a java application. Download the JRE if needed here. Click HERE to install Java.

Effigy Factory Bank - download the latest Factory Bank (5 presets). Use the control panel to import it and load it into the pedal. Use your browser’s “save as…” function.


Quick Start Guide

Pedal Quick Start Guide (PDF) - A few pictures showing how to quickly get started.

Latest Quick Start Guide update: 07 March 2019