3D printing services

Effigy Labs has developed 3D printing solutions for parts, molds, and mold-making, since 2016, when our first printer was acquired to print parts and molds for our wet line of parts for the Effigy Control Pedal. We needed the precision, rapid prototyping capabilities, and reliability of 3D printing technology. Effigy now owns three 3D printers and has produced hundreds of parts and molds.

Effigy Labs offers our 3D printing expertise to you as:

  • 3D Printing Solutions - Effigy can print parts for you

  • 3D Printing Capability Solutions - Effigy can help you set up your own 3D printing capability

  • 3D Printing Advisement - Effigy can provide recommendations and help you develop solutions using 3D printing

  • 3D Printing for CAD - Effigy can help you design your parts in your CAD system to be 3D printed

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Contact Effigy Labs and have your 3D-printed parts in your hands!

CAD - Computer Aided Design. Effigy can help you design your part with 3D printed materials in mind.

DFM - Design For Manufacturing. We can help you take your design and ensure it can be produced efficiently and will perform as expected with stress test simulations and material-to-design evaluation.

Production Solutions - Effigy can help you set up your 3D printing capability, whether it’s a single printer or a multi-room farm producing thousands of parts daily. Effigy has the experience and has worked with many other experts in the industry to offer you affordable, expedient solutions for your 3D printing and manufacturing needs.

Contact: Jody Roberts Jody@EffigyLabs.com